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The 50th anniversary of the Founding of I. P. Sharp Associates - Oct. 04, 2014

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Contacts/Organizers:Cameron LintonRick Procter
 Daniel BaronetAudrey & Ian Sharp
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Slide Show

Here's the SLIDE SHOW!, (all 150+ images) which we displayed at the party (as a 120MB PDF) - carefully curated and labelled by Rosanne (RWI).
(also available as a PowerPoint presentation, or as individual image files - let us know if you prefer one of these formats)


Scrapbook: We're considering an online scrapbook to make the historical photos available, to remember those who passed, to collect comments from those who can't make it, and to record other notes as time goes on. Essentially an ongoing alumni community -- not Facebook. It's in the works, let us know if that is of interest to you and how.


We are still collecting photographs, pre- and post-event! If you have photos of office events, colleagues, or IPSA moments from 1989 or earlier, or photos from our Oct.04 event, and are willing to share - please get them to us.
- if you have just a few photos - please email them to us...
- if you have lots of photos - please upload them to an online repository and send us the link...


Lots of people seem to have IPSA memorabilia in their collections. Here's one thing you can do if you want to find a home for it:

For those who are very keen on IPSA history items, we recommend you visit the York University Computer Museum - IPSA Collection (virtually or otherwise) where you will find a wealth of documents and hardware, assembled by curator Prof. Zbigniew Stachniak. If you think you have something to add to the collection, please contact him.

You Said It...

Carmela Brinias
Working at IPSA brought the best out of us all! I'm still smiling thinking of last night's encounters and events. I'm trying to keep that feeling alive as long as I can. IPSA gave us the opportunity to work with amazing talented people and to use our creativity to get the job done. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring back the memories of working at IPSA! The evening was magical!

Phil King
I had a great time - That was a really, really super fun event. Iím sure it was a ton of work to organize, but it was worth it. Most fun Iíve had in ages. It was really great to see so many people that I hadnít seen in so long.

Brian Olson
A great event guys. Thank you very much for your organizational work to put this together.

Paul Flanagan
Dang, I should have been there! Thanks for sending the photo Cam, everyone looks the same. :-)

Ann Vavasour
[IPSA50] will stand out in my mind as one of the best nights ever. What an amazing time. I missed meeting a couple of people - just couldn't find them in the crowd - but life is long and I will get together with them another time and place. I did achieve an amazing hit rate as it was.

ps. (re late-night diehards photo...) Not too bad for old folks, eh? Thanks for this - was SO good to see everyone again...

Mary DeGregorio
[IPSA50] was a huge success! We didn't get home until almost 2:00 a.m. - much later than I expected. It was too much fun: great food, great venue, great planning - it was almost overwhelming at first to see how many people came. It was obviously something that many people did not want to miss.

Debbie Browning
It was great reconnecting with so many people and hearing all the stories, both old and new.

Audrey Sharp (after seeing a picture of those who stayed until 2:00am)
Oh to be young!

Rohan Jayasekera
...you Toronto Branch alumni get to pat yourselves on the back for having supplied the majority of us who closed the joint! I shouldn't be surprised because when I moved to Toronto in late 1983 it was the most fun group.

Leslie Goldsmith
It was a fantastic party, and I know everyone will have very fond and lasting memories of it. As Mr. T would say, ďI pity the fools who didnít make it!Ē

Indy Mitra
The IPSA50 reunion was a wonderful affair. I was so excited to attend and to see old friends again. Thanks to Audrey for suggesting to Cam and Rick that we really should do something to recognize the 50th anniversary. And thanks to the founders for the wonderful venue and eats. I did miss seeing some faces who weren't able to get to Toronto; and I really enjoyed seeing everyone who did attend! I had a blast!

Louise Leonardi
It was a great weekend! Whether reminiscing about APL over drinks, meeting IPSA people from around the world or laughing with great IPSA people I've missed working with, it was awesome. Congratulations to the organizing committee who worked so hard to put it all together. I took some time to tell people what I really remembered about them and to thank them for what they did for me. When I thanked Ian for starting the company and employing me fresh out of university, he just smiled and said "Well, I couldn't leave you all on the street, now could I?"

The Way We Are...

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(the wee-hour diehards...)


Some follow-up items post Oct.2014...

PGF visits Toronto, March 2015


The Way We Were...

IPSA Founders dinner celebrating the 15th anniversary, and also Roger's 40th birthday

What's our story?

It begins in 1964...